Bogan Shire

Saturday, June 16, 2018 at 08:21 (UTC+1000)

The clouds had returned and put a damper on ideas of a morning cook up on the camp grill. It can be surprisingly cold in Australia in winter time. We opted for just a couple coffees and to hit the road again.

The town of Bogan Gate marked the start of the Bogan Way, a road in Bogan Shire. The term "bogan" in Australia refers to what we would call a "redneck", more or less. At the end of the Bogan Way in the town of Nyngan we found a tribute to the archetype in a large sculpture of The Big Bogan.

The Big (Bogan, Koala, Clam, Strawberry, etc) is a staple roadside attraction all around Australia. We look forward to whatever new ones we might find.

A long straight section of road, lined with gum trees, roadkill kangaroos, and glittering broken bottles from innumerable bogans past, took us up to Bourke, another town that plays into Aussie linguistics. There is a phrase "back of Bourke" which translates to "middle of nowhere". We found a pleasant, orderly small town with wide streets and emus strutting on the grass in the park.

We crossed the Darling River and found another caravan park near its banks. Tonight we did do a cook up on the free BBQ grill, and put up the telescope to look at Jupiter, Saturn, and the spectacular Milky Way, and share the sights with others.