Days in Darwin

Monday, June 25, 2018 at 10:51 (UTC+0930)

Darwin weather is similar to that where Karen and I live in Sri Lanka: tropical wet and dry seasons, and right now it was warm and sunny and I wore shorts and sandals day and night. Sometimes a possum would run across the roof at night. Saws and chippers were still clearing people's yards of debris from the cyclone last March. Exotic birds chirped and squawked.

We did a few touristy walks downtown at Mitchell Street and the wharf but mostly hung out on the Fireman's veranda or poolside bar or jumped in his pool. The local pub was a few blocks away and one night we saw the local character named Riddles doing the nightly meat tray raffle.

The Parap Street market on Saturday morning was bustling and I ate spicy Thai laksa soup while listening to a pair of mediocre buskers. We spent a couple hours fishing from the Nightcliff jetty and saw a fellow land a nice Spanish mackerel. We only caught one little bait fish each, and a lot of sun.

We watched rugby league and rugby union on the television, and caught a few World Cup soccer matches. Don't watch soccer after rugby: after seeing human elephants crush each other for a couple hours the soccer players look like total whimps rolling in pain on the field after another player brushed their ankles or face.

Sunday was my birthday and I was treated to a ride in Leroy's gold convertible Cadillac to town for coffee. Fireman took me to nearby Rapid Creek for a couple hours fishing near the mangroves for Barramundi. We watched for crocs and cast our lures until the red orb of the sun dropped over the horizon on the sea and the sand flies began to make a prey out of us. We didn't catch anything but didn't lose any lures: tie game.

The pub was chock full of punters watching the State of Origin rugby match between NSW and Queensland. The game was lively and the score was close as a big rivalry match usually is. We strolled back home to watch England tear up Panama in soccer, and satisfied with all the results we picked up the guitar for a happy strum, till past midnight, and the close of a very happy birthday.