Fremantle, then Perth

Sunday, July 1, 2018 at 11:11 (UTC+0800)

Fremantle was washed by cold winter rains. We went to dinner at a friend's downtown warehouse space, then in to Perth itself for an evening of jazz at the venerable Ellington. This kind of fun is missing from my world in Sri Lanka.

Thursday the weather had improved so we went on a mission to the Swan Valley wine country. The estates remind me of California's less formal ones, which is good. We brought home a few bottles of tasty vino.

In the evening I met up with Robert Tait at a noodle shop cleverly designed to look like a laundry. You enter through a large dryer into the secret back room full of happy diners.

Camilo came in to the city to watch the Colombia match with us. Robert was denied entry to one bar because he was wearing hard toe shoes, so we drove out to the casino which happily welcomed us and our wallets. In a sports room with giant screens we joined a crowd of Colombians wearing their yellow jerseys and the energy was great as their team closed in on the win.

Friday's Fremantle market was filled with handcrafts, scented soaps, cheeses, trinkets, and the hum of buyers and sellers. In the afternoon Camilo had to open the kitchen at the bar where he works and he cooked me up an excellent Barramundi and chips. I bade him goodbye: it was great to catch up again, on yet another continent.

I hopped onto the city train and rode across town to meet Lee, who came strolling down the road with a glass of beer in his hand. We had time to watch the sunset, then packed his bass and amp into his Subaru and set off to do sound check for his band's performance later.

Two other acts played and then Lee got on stage with the Band of Missfits, fronted by two ladies, to rock the house. Unfortunately, by that time there were only about a dozen in the audience, mostly standing at the fringes of the stage, slightly shivering.