Return to Sri Lanka

Monday, September 24, 2018 at 08:06 (UTC+0530)

The flight from Guangzhou rose up through the haze and smog of the giant, advanced city.  I gazed down upon the ruddy sun reflected on the polluted river.  This area was unrecognizable as the rural lands I had first visited a quarter century before.

We crossed over Vietnam and I imagined I was in a bomber jet back in the Sixties about to attack unseen populations below.  Madness.

As we crossed Thailand I saw a small storm approaching a village and wondered whether they knew what I knew, with my bird's eye view.

The Nicobar Islands stretched across the lonely seas, with hardly any signs of modern civilization, but magnificent coral reefs on the west coastline.  They say there are natives still who will attack any outsiders who venture close.

Finally we reached the towering thunderstorms over Sri Lanka, and a spectacular orange sunset, as we lost our race with the sun.  Here I completed a round the world group of flights begun weeks ago with the first leg to the Middle East, then up to Scotland, followed by an Arctic route to Seattle, then the windowless ride to Guangzhou, and finally this five hour trip.

Yesterday was Equinox, and tomorrow is Full Moon.  It feels like a special time.  The start of our second year here in Sri Lanka.


Jim Wiggins

in Peradeniya, Sri Lanka