Mongoose on the Loose

Wednesday, January 16, 2019 at 19:45 (UTC+0530)

It has been several days since I last heard the snake in our ceiling and I am hoping it moved out.  Today I heard some of the mammalian squeaks up there that we have become used to over the months.  Does this mean the snake is gone and the squirrels are rejoicing?  Or are they the final death chirps of some doomed furry creature about to meet the fearsome reptile?

Perhaps the answer lies in the interesting pair of eyes I saw staring back at me the other morning when I opened the bathroom window.  There is often some interesting critter or other out back in the tall grass, and this one had a steely, confident look.  It was a mongoose!  It stayed put long enough for me to fetch my camera and snap a profile shot.

Although our snake is not a cobra (that much I know for sure) the mongoose is a fabled snake hunter and we welcome her to our neighborhood.