Nearly Normal Thursday

Thursday, February 14, 2019 at 16:50 (UTC+0530)

A nearly normal Thursday here in Peradeniya, in the Central Province of Sri Lanka.  I took the motorbike out to do some errands, which included buying train tickets at the railway station, where I saw the "usual suspect" tuk tuk drivers plying the dazed looking western backpackers, and a herd of asian tourists being shepherded onto a bus.  In town I woke one of my shop buddies from a nap to buy some eggs.  And I found a lady selling kerosene from a bucket that she tipped into an empty hooch bottle.

Nearly normal, but not quite: it is Valentine's Day, and Karen got to spend part of the afternoon on the living room couch, watching episodes of her favorite doctor series, while I brought her lunch and then a small handful of precious Wine Gums (that she makes me hide from her) arranged into the shape of a heart.