Alagalla Mountain

Sunday, February 17, 2019 at 12:33 (UTC+0530)

With the help of Google Maps we identified a tall mountain that had been calling us to climb it.  We used the "satellite view" to look for trails up to the top, and found some.  We hired our favorite local driver, Sampath, to take us to the area and act as translator and guide to help us find the trail.  He did an outstanding job of this and that led to our successful ascent of Alagalla Mountain.  The team was Sampath, Karen, Julia, and myself.

The climb was very steep and slippery (even in the dry season) and a couple of us suffered leech attacks.  We were all dripping with sweat even at the early hour of the day: humidiy was high.  At the top stood a nearly unclimbable boulder topped by a Sri Lankan flag on a makeshift pole, as well as someone's sari (hmmm...).

The view on this cloudless morning was very impressive.  We saw our own nearby Hantana Range, and the Knuckles Range further back, and looked down at Bible Rock and the miniature looking railway that we ride to Colombo.  There was some haze, which increased rapidly with the morning heat, so we did not see Adam's Peak, and the top of Sri Lanka (Pidurutalagala) was visible at the outset but obscured by the time we started our descent.

The whole excursion timescale was: leaving home at 7am, starting the climb (650m) at 8:30am, summiting (1045m) at 10:10am, and back to the tuk tuk (650m) at 11:30am.