April Fool

Tuesday, April 2, 2019 at 21:02 (UTC+0530)

You know it can be that everything is going along just fine and then suddenly... no joke...

In the early evening I was just sitting, reading in a chair when I heard water falling out back.  That sound usually means that the big thousand liter storage tank on the roof back there is overflowing and I need to rush out front and turn off the tap that fills it from our city water supply.

But I was pretty sure that I had already turned off that tap... I went out to check it and, sure enough, it was turned off, so... I went around back of the house to survey things and saw a flood of water coming down from different sides of the roof.  Not good!

At the kitchen sink the pressure had already dropped to where the faucet was gasping and trickling its last drops.  Our piping system depends on the tank pressure, whether or not the city water is available (and these hot and dry days of water rationing there is often nothing provided.)

So until we can figure out what happened to the tank we have to fetch water from outside like peasants, and the perfect vessel for this is the big flower watering pot we use in the garden.  Here it is next to all the dishes it has helped to wash!