Unhappy Easter (pt 2)

Sunday, April 21, 2019 at 22:50 (UTC+0530)

It turns out that one of Karen's colleagues was having breakfast at one of the hotels that was bombed in Colombo and he is in hospital having pellets extracted – our prayers go out for him.

Six of the bombs went off this morning more or less together, but two came later in the day, leaving people to wonder if it's all over or not.  Now it is 10pm and there are over 200 people dead on this terrible Easter Sunday.  Our prayers go out to their families and loved ones, and the more than 400 injured.

We are under curfew here and even earlier a lot of shops were closed when we rushed out to get provisions (having just come back from a two week vacation in Nepal to bare shelves and an empty fridge).  Now we are ready to hunker down for a few days if necessary.  We have the best neighbors and all is quiet around here, so no worries for us.

Schools will be shut for at least a few days and this will certainly impact Karen's project as they were just gearing up for some intensive sessions.  Everyone is losing because of this madness.

Facebook has been shut down (to stem rampant rumors that were spreading) so I'll try to keep things up to date here.  You can email me at Jim (at this domain name) or use Google Hangouts to reach me at the gmail address called "wigarama".  So many of you have made contact already!  We are very touched by all the concern.

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