Bomb Nine

Monday, April 22, 2019 at 08:16 (UTC+0530)

The morning began as usual with a chorus of bird song in the overgrown foliage of our back yard.  The sun could be seen dimly through the morning fogs wrapped around Hantana Mountain.  Electricity was available so I put on the kettle, and started hand grinding some oily roasted Starbucks beans I got last month at the Delhi airport.

So many people have written to us asking for word of our safety that it has really warmed our hearts!  All is quiet at the moment and the curfew is being lifted.  Yet danger still lurks: there was a ninth bomb found, waiting to perform its deadly task, next to the departures area at the international airport.  It was safely taken away and detonated.  We had arrived at that airport just one day before.

Today we will try to resume life as normal, to get some work done, to put all this stupidity out of our minds as much as possible, and trust in the goodness of the majority of the people in this country to start healing this new wound.  Forward into a better future!

By the way, Facebook has been blocked since the bombings (for rumor control and to stem vigilantism) so, if you don't see any posts there from Karen, that's why.