Thursday, April 25, 2019 at 22:17 (UTC+0530)

Thought I would share images of a couple of the folks in our neighborhood who we see often, who help us out, who we have some laughs with.

Here is a photo of "Loku Choti" – that's his nickname, I think it means "Big Little Guy" – with one of the largest Jak fruits I have ever seen.  He was just putting it on his shop shelf when we passed by so I snapped his picture with it.  On my way back he was already slicing it up with some customers and he quickly stepped out to offer me a chunk.  It was gluey and had a big seed inside, which I might try to plant (everything seems to grow here).  Later that afternoon we paid him to come cut our bushy grass out back with his special "bladed golf club".  He doesn't say much, and smiles with only half a mouth of teeth, and he's a good fellow.

Then there's a photo of the lady who I buy vegetables from.  She always has great stuff, and she laughs a sweet laugh when I try to speak in Sinhala.  She always teaches me a new word, and doesn't speak English herself, but it's amazing how you can connect people without language.  I don't even know her name!  Okay, I need to ask her.

Those are two people I'm going to miss a lot when we leave here in a few months.

The news is full of reports of people being arrested, the police given full powers to grab anyone they want, and there is worry that some retaliation might happen at Friday prayers tomorrow at mosques.  This news report gave me some hope, though.  Sri Lanka’s main Islamic Cleric association, the ACJU, stated that they vehemently condemn the attacks, they will not accept the bodies of the individuals who carried out the Easter Day attacks, and in fact requests all the Christian and Catholic communities to carry out their religious activities on Sunday at the churches as usual and that they, the ACJU, would provide the necessary security they need to carry out their worshipping.  How about that?  That feels to me a good way to try to defuse this situation.