Saturday, April 27, 2019 at 09:01 (UTC+0530)

We are now into the southwestern monsoon season, which means that, up here in the central hills, we generally have sunny mornings and even hot mid-days as thunderheads build up, and then suddenly one covers the sun and the light dims and you hear a deep rumble far away.  The rumbling gets closer and the day gets darker and finally come the first fat raindrops.  Sometimes the rain increases suddenly like the gods turned on their shower, and the gutters start to spill noisy waterfalls.  Now the lightning flashes shock the skies.

We rush to unplug sensitive equipment like phones and laptops.  Almost surely there will be a voltage spike that trips the breaker in the hallway and the lights go out and fans come to a standstill.  I walk over to reset the breaker and everything comes on again.

But today our dear old yellow electric water kettle got a fatal shock.  I flipped it on to make some tea but it just sat there, no red light, no heat.  How could such a simple, robust machine be knocked out?  I took a screwdriver to it and found a fuse inside – aha! – but alas the fuse wasn't blown.  I pulled out more screws and marveled at the simplicity of the device but found no visible damage.  And yet the thing doesn't work anymore.

So we're back to boiling water on the gas stove in a pan – there is always a backup option in Sri Lanka.  Today I think we'll venture into Kandy to look for a new kettle.  Though there is talk of new fighting in Ampara (about five hours drive to the east) so... maybe we'll stick with the pan for a bit.

P.S. Hi Kendra!