First Outing

Sunday, April 28, 2019 at 09:35 (UTC+0530)

There has been a new incident on the opposite side of Sri Lanka from Colombo, where police were tipped off to a terrorist hangout, and a shootout started and bombs went off killing most of the terrorists (and one unfortunate innocent bystander).  This dirty business isn't over yet.

We made our first foray out of the neighborhood today and found traffic light on the normally bumper-to-bumper upper road towards Kandy.  Our mission was to scout the situation and do some shopping.  We walked past guards with automatic weapons who smiled at us (even though Karen had on a backpack).  Most shops were open.  After buying several bags of goods and groceries we called our favorite tuk tuk (three wheeler) driver in that area.

Ikram is a young Muslim man who has a great smile and likes to laugh.  But when he came to fetch us he had a more somber emotion in him and quickly the subject of the bombings came up.  He used all his powers of English to express how sad it made him.  People of all religions in Sri Lanka are friends, he said, as we zipped home on the open roads.  But now everyone was fearing each other.  He had not had much taxi business all week.  Everyone was suffering from all this trouble.  We agreed, and told him about the impacts on Karen's school program.

When we reached our home Ikram seemed a little more his cheery self, and I told him that if anyone gave him trouble to call me and I'd come to help, and he said thank you for those words, then headed back homeward.

Karen went right to work in the garden with her newly bought gardening gloves.  Look at the spiky plant she's cutting!  Her new bespoke gardening stool is also shown.

In the evening we set up the projector and watched a movie against the bedroom wall.