Monday, April 29, 2019 at 21:13 (UTC+0530)

We have a little motorbike, just a 125cc Honda copy from an Indian company called Hero.  It works alright, and gets us both up the steep hill with groceries, and doesn't seem to use any petrol ("gas") at all somehow.  But like all good vehicles eventually the registration expires.  What to do?

Ask your upstairs neighbor Rohanna for help!  He had just taken his own bike in for registration so we both hopped on mine, me on back, and went out again.  First stop was an emissions testing station.  Why they worry about motorbikes and scooters while the buses are coughing out huge clouds of black smoke I'm not really sure.  Except Rohanna reckons they always fail your vehicle on the first test, so you have to go to a mechanic for adjustments, and then come back and pay for a second test.  Well, perhaps they thought, when they saw Rohanna for the second (third?) time today, that the bike was "fixed", so they passed me on the first attempt!  Great.

Now we were off to a government office with the precious green emissions certificate.  We arrived to find a pretty long queue but, patiently, we moved slowly forward and were at the window where a lady hand-wrote a yellow slip, which we took to a second window, where the man scowled at my documents and then wrote a white slip, which we took around to corner to a window to pay (about three bucks), and got a receipt, which we took back to the scowling man, who was now helping someone else.  He rooted around on his desk and found my paperwork and traded it for the receipt.  I was registered!  And it all took just two hours.  Thanks Rohana!