May Day

Wednesday, May 1, 2019 at 08:01 (UTC+0530)

Happy May Day, a pagan holiday (since time immemorial) that might involve virgins and pole dancing, a happy celebration of spring (in the northern hemisphere).

Also a celebration of workers (since the Chicago Haymarket riots in 1886) that evolved from a deadly bomb throwing incident.

And the bombs keep coming over the years.  One of Karen's colleagues was celebrating a birthday with his wife on Easter Sunday at the fancy Shangri-La Hotel.  He was one of the IT staff at British Council, a friendly, helpful educator working to better the condition of Sri Lanka.  Two bombers arrived and ended all that: he wound up in a coma with brain injury and his wife required plastic surgery.

Yesterday he finally passed away, and his funeral is tomorrow.

I pray that some day the world will be done with the bombs and can get back to the dancing...