Oh Dear

Tuesday, May 14, 2019 at 15:41 (UTC+0530)

Oh dear, there is a growing backlash now against Muslims in parts of Sri Lanka.  Rumors are running rampant.  Stones have been thrown at businesses and mosques.  Curfews and social media blackouts are being implemented again.  The army states that it is ready to use maximum force to keep the peace (how about that for a paradox.)  Karen's colleague Helen is trapped, at home near one of the hot spots, by the curfew, and her courses have been cancelled.  Innocent people are being chased out into the rice paddies.  Don't the hotheads realize that propagating this nonsense is just hurting everyone, including themselves?

In Kandy today I didn't see any sign of this.  Rather, I saw the downtown area getting back to its normal bustle.  My favorite coffee shop near the Temple of the Tooth is closed, though, because the streets in that area have been barricaded: their business consequently dropped to nil.  Although this disrupted my plan to do some work in there this morning, it forced me out searching for a new spot, and I discovered another coffee shop that is also a Japanese restaurant.  Score!  Natural Coffee even has something called "tea coffee" which tasted nice, and comes with a mini hourglass to let you know when to press the plunger (see photo).

Back in Peradeniya I bought tonight's salad fixin's at the usual shops.  They seem a bit starved for business.  Sampath (our friend and favorite driver) shuttled me home.  He told me the government has prohibited the sale of alcohol due to the situation in the country.  This has all the drivers worried that they won't get their usual pint of arrack (the local coconut hooch) after work today.  Some were asking him if he thought we had any in our house.  No, not us!  (We only have precious single malt Scotch: shhhhhh...)