Days of Heat

Thursday, May 16, 2019 at 09:18 (UTC+0530)

We felt that the monsoon was arriving but it was just a tease.  The days continue to start hot and get hotter, with clouds that puff up in the afternoon but slide slowly away without giving any rain.  The big river, Mahaweli Ganga, has shrunk to a narrow wade.  Soon I expect we'll have rolling power cuts again, and maybe water cuts as well.

The social unrest seems to have settled down.  Seventy have been imprisoned for inciting violence.  The clampdown of curfews and soldiers has eased up.  I think social media is still blocked.  We head into the Vesak holiday weekend with the main day (the Poya at full moon) falling on Saturday.  The government took a last minute decision to make Monday a holiday, which may have appeased some in the disgruntled populace, but has added further complexity to Karen's training schedule.

Large pink flowers have bloomed in the jungle areas around our house, and the streets have been decorated with Buddhist banners, so now is a colorful time.  We hope to take advantage of the clear weather to do some hiking in the cooler high tea country this weekend.