Tracking the Wife

Friday, May 24, 2019 at 12:54 (UTC+0530)

Modern tools are so fun!  Karen has enabled Google's "location sharing" with me so I can follow her progress as she takes the train today from near Colombo back home to Peradeniya.  See, she's getting pretty close: I'd better call for a tuk tuk and get down to the station to meet her.

Of course, it's really the location of her phone, not necessarily Karen herself.  Maybe a thief took it and is riding the train with it!  Well, if that happened, I'm sure she'd call me... oh, wait...

Sometimes the location tracking goes a bit haywire, especially where phone signal is weak, and the map shows her in the middle of the jungle, or in a riverbed, which can make me a bit nervous until the position updates and puts her back on the tracks, that much closer to home.

I've put some fruit into the blender and made her a smoothie that is now chilling in the fridge for her enjoyment.  I've watered her little sprouts in the planter boxes out front.  And I doled out a portion of gummi bear treats into a little cup, turning a bowl over the top of it to keep off the ants.  She's been gone nearly a week and I can't wait to see her again.