Morning Fitness

Tuesday, May 28, 2019 at 07:05 (UTC+0530)

I've got a new little fitness routine going right now, getting up at 5:30am as it starts to get light enough to find my running shoes, and the birds are having their morning chirp-a-thon.  I grab a couple 5kg hand weights and go down the steep driveway to the dirt road.  Schoolkids waiting for the bus stare at me.  I turn and then run back up the hill.  I try to imagine I'm on a steep part of the PCT, like Eagle Creek, or approaching Jefferson Park.  Larry Thaxton now has me imagining that I'm summiting Mt Whitney.

The steepest part of the hill is just near the top.  Some days I struggle to keep the feet running and the mind from giving up.  The neighbor dog that lives inside their compound suddenly starts barking and that gives me the shot of adrenaline I need to finish the climb.  She may be barking in envy at the lowly street dogs who run free and come with tails wagging to greet me as I finish.

I repeat the hill climb several times, then do an arms workout as the sun finally crests behind Mt Hantana.  I move to put a palm tree between myself and Sol's intense light.  The heat of the day quickly builds.  It is a short fitness routine but a good start to the day.