Karen's Birthday Weekend

Tuesday, June 4, 2019 at 17:37 (UTC+0530)

Karen's birthday fell on a Friday so we decided to celebrate all weekend in Colombo as tourists (for once) with the other two trainers in the Transform Project, Helen and Silvija.  We arranged a fancy three room AirBnB just off the beach with a rooftop swimming pool.  The owners hung a Happy Birthday banner to welcome us.

Coincidentally it was also our friend Mickaël's last day in Sri Lanka.  He was finishing a three year tour as Director of the Alliance Française in Kandy.  He had organized many fun events that we attended: dancing at a ball, meeting local writers, running a Fun Run through Kandy, even got me in for a day as a movie extra.  He will be terribly missed!

Our common friend Francis, Director of the Alliance Française in Colombo, joined us for dinner.  And as a pleasant surprise so did the French ambassador, his wife, and a couple others!  The place we chose for dinner (conveniently nearby) was probably not up to their standards, and poor Silvija didn't get told until everyone else was served that what she had ordered was not available (thus her empty plate in the photo!)

In any case we had a nice chat in English and French and as the others bid adieu the Transformers and myself moved over to listen to the band.  Karen got the dance floor into action.  You can see how blurry everything was becoming by then.  It really did look like that!  Yes, it was my first day having beer after a month of abstinence...

The next day the four of us attempted one of those "escape room" challenges where you have one hour to figure out clues to get out of a set of rooms before a killer shows up.  We were dead meat, even with the two free clues they gave us.  But it was a ton of fun!  And they didn't reveal the answers that we didn't get, so we can go back and try again if we want to.

Next we rushed to see the brand new movie about Elton John called Rocketman and actually had the entire theater to ourselves!  Which was great because this really fun movie had us up actually dancing and singing along.  We loved it.

On Sunday morning a squall line came across the sea as we enjoyed our last visit to the rooftop pool, and then Karen was off to the Mövenpick Hotel for a long massage while I enjoyed a cocktail at the rooftop bar next to the infinity pool with views in all directions of Colombo.  We grabbed a tuk tuk to the Colombo Fort railway station and caught the good old 3:35pm express to Kandy and were home by dark.  What an excellent weekend!