Avocados Galore

Saturday, June 8, 2019 at 20:28 (UTC+0530)

It is avocado season now and the delicious fruits are a daily treat.  We even have two avocado trees in our own yard!  Or we did, until the landlady's slasher henchman showed up unannounced with a minion one day and hacked one of the trees into a lifeless stump.  Grinning, he offered us a dozen of the fruits, and took the rest away.

So we decided to beat him to the action with the second tree.  Our friend "Loku Choti" does some yard work for us so we asked him (using gestures: he barely speaks even his own language) to bring equipment for picking.  He showed up with a long bamboo pole with a wire hoop at the end that supported some sack cloth.  A few avocados were in reach of that thing from the ground, but the tree is tall and to get the rest he had to shimmy up to the first branches.  But he's a pro, and in no time he'd collected dozens, dropping them down into the long grass.

He's got a small shop on the dirt road and we let him take most everything down to sell.  He'll get ten or twenty cents apiece, so at most four or five bucks for risking life and limb in that tall tree.  And if landlady's slasher guy comes around to chop that second tree and wonders where all the avocados went, we'll just shrug and say, dunno... birds?