Wednesday, June 12, 2019 at 09:22 (UTC+0530)

Are you a customer of JP Morgan Chase, like I am?  I have one of their credit cards.  Recently, they introduced a binding arbitration clause into their terms of service for my credit card account.  I do not like a binding arbitration clause.  It means I give up my right to go to court.  And it means that a company can take me to arbitration, which is biased in their favor, any time they like.  For example, if someone fraudulently uses my card, and the company accepts the charge, and I refuse to pay it because I didn't make the purchase.

Chase offers the chance to opt-out of binding arbitration but, in order to do that, you have to physically mail a signed letter.  They know that most people will not bother to do this.  And being overseas, as I am, means I have to trust that international mail will get my letter to them in a timely fashion, if at all.

So I was surprised today to learn of a website that will mail that letter for you if you just type in your information – including your account number.  What could possibly go wrong?  And why would they do this?  I suspect they are a front for class action lawyers who see this as a great opportunity to collect email addresses of customers who they could later approach to join a class action suit.  Or maybe they are more nefarious than that.  Anyway, if you click through a couple places, you can get the template of the letter they send, and print it and fill it out and send it yourself.  Their letter is at

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