Missing An Eclipse

Tuesday, July 2, 2019 at 19:13 (UTC+0530)

I'm a little sad here tonight in Sri Lanka, half a world away from Chile (ten thousand miles!), where in a few hours from now a total eclipse of the sun will occur, the first one since the Great American Eclipse in 2017, almost two years ago.  Looks like I am going to miss this one.  At least I have a beer to cry into.

If my internet connection holds up I'm hoping to watch an online live stream produced by the San Francisco Exploratorium.  It means I have to stay up until after midnight, but I have snacks and drink enough to see me through.  Sadly, though, I do not have my Karen: she is away from home for work this week.

So I may just put on Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd and set my sights on the NEXT total solar eclipse (also in Chile and Argentina) in December 2020.  That is summer time in Patagonia...