The Climate Change Priority

Saturday, July 6, 2019 at 16:13 (UTC+0530)

Of all the issues being discussed now in the beginnings of the 2020 US presidential election campaign, the elephant in the room is Climate Change.  Sure, there are plenty of other problems that need solving, but most of them will be moot after Climate Change causes our societies to collapse.  So it is with some hopefulness that I read articles like this one in The Guardian:

        No flights, a four-day week and living off-grid: what climate scientists do at home to save the planet

Although Karen and I have no kids, we worry about our nieces and nephews and all the other kids who might see this worldwide disaster come to pass.  We have cut back on eating meat (I'm not eating any, except for occasional fish).  We don't drive a car (and the motorbike mostly sits unused).  We reject plastic as much as we can.  Our biggest sin at this point is flying in jet airliners (and that is a really big sin).  That needs to stop somehow, or we need to find a way to offset the CO2 (and it is literally tons of CO2 per passenger).