Wrapping Up

Tuesday, July 30, 2019 at 21:10 (UTC+0530)

That ending it seemed would never come, is finally upon us.  Last week Karen got dressed up in her sari for the last time, with the help of Aysha and Prima.  She started her final two week training session at the college.  We did a quick run down to Colombo to have a farewell gathering with Helen and Silvija and the others involved in the Transform project.  The next day we returned to Kandy for another farewell gathering with the local expats and friends and our favorite band, See Sharp.

Now we are packing up the house: the moving company comes in a couple days to ship away much of our possessions.  Then we are going to spend a week in southern India, and on return we'll entertain our final visitors, Larry and Nancy.  And at last we will leave this lovely island nation.

That is the hectic schedule of our final couple weeks here, anyway: let's see if it all goes smoothly as planned...