Shipping the Non-essentials

Friday, August 2, 2019 at 22:45 (UTC+0530)

When we came to Sri Lanka nearly two years ago we shipped three boxes of stuff that we thought we might need.  Now it is time to leave here and, somehow, there is much more stuff to ship.  We laid it all out on the carpet, and the shippers showed up in a very dodgy looking truck about an hour late.  The driver immediately conked out in a wicker chair while the other two guys started making cardboard boxes and stripping off tape and wrapping everything in paper.

Karen was out at school on her last day of teaching in Sri Lanka so I made tea for the movers and a plate of salty crackers.  They worked hard for two hours and finally all our things were in TEN boxes and loaded into the truck, headed for Colombo, then aboard ship to Scotland.  We have kept just what we can carry aboard our flight in three weeks.

After movers and everything were gone I swept out the bare living room.  It was quiet.  Karen watered the garden.  Now it feels like transition, like we're kind of not really here anymore.