The Mentors Project

Wednesday, November 27, 2019 at 17:04 (UTC+0000)

My high school buddy Lennie Moore has lived a life of playing and writing music, orchestrating and producing recordings, teaching composition, scoring films and video games, and hardly ever managing a Domino's Pizza franchise.  He is one of my idols of Dedication to Task.  And the output is always excellent.  So when I heard he was starting a new project my ears pricked up.

Lennie describes it as "a big band album where each tune is a dedication to someone who was an important mentor for me in my artistic path."  So not only is it going to be great music, with world class musicians, but it is also so cool that honors his mentors and gives us a taste of his musical history.  Lennie's home page is at

Please consider pitching in to the funding effort on his GoFundMe page at and watch the six minute video that explains the project and its first piece, Intentionality.

Here are some photos of Lennie and the gang from the 1980's just for fun ...