Reunion in Scotland

Sunday, August 23, 2020 at 18:46 (UTC+0100)

At long last I landed again in the United Kingdom, at Edinburgh International, and faced the dreaded Border Force.  But I was steered toward the automated gates, where I put my passport onto a scanner and looked a camera in the face.  Big Brother decided that I was not a threat to the nation and flashed a green light and opened the gate.  I quickly moved through.  I was in!

It took a cart to haul all the luggage I had brought with me.  I pushed that cart slowly out to the arrivals area.  There was Karen in a mask waiting for me.  She rushed forward and we embraced for a long time.  Reunited after five months!

Although nobody had asked about my health or taken my temperature during the entire trip, I knew I was supposed to head directly into self-quarantine (and Karen would be stuck inside with me) for two weeks!  No worries: I couldn't think of a happier place than to be watching her cooking in the remodeled kitchen, or gardening outside.  We even snuck out one night (shhhh – don't tell!) to watch a city-wide light show celebrating the starting weekend of the annual Edinburgh Festival which, sadly, had to be canceled this year.

Finally two weeks of quarantine were over and we got to leave the house.  We went to the park with the niece and nephew and Karen's sister.  We made a weekend foray up to St Andrews to see the other nephews and the rest of the family.  Mum even made me a tartan mask to wear.  It sure was good to be back in summertime Scotland.