Leaving Edinburgh

Sunday, October 25, 2020 at 17:05 (UTC+0100)

Finally, the flat in Edinburgh was all packed up and ready to go on the market as a rental unit, "to let" as they say here.  I always have to hold myself back from quickly scribbling an "i" in the space between those two words.  Yes, part of me is still in grammar school.

We had a final dinner with Karen's sister Clea and her family.  Young Iris had spent the whole day creating an "escape room" whodunnit with puzzles to be solved and even a life-sized murder victim lying on the floor.  Young Alex was the one who solved the mystery.

Then a fire pit was lit in the back garden and we toasted giant marshmallows (actually more like "torched" them, as the kids were not patient enough to let coals build up first.)  After the young'uns went to bed the adults sat chatting and laughing with cocktails until very late.  We are going to really miss having Clea and John and the kids just a couple of miles away.