A Week in St Andrews

Sunday, October 25, 2020 at 17:44 (UTC+0100)

Feeling rather under the weather after the late boozy night at Clea and John's, I nevertheless needed to pilot a rental van from Leith, driving on (what for me is) the wrong side of the road, up to the Edinburgh flat so we could load it full of all of our possessions.  Thankfully Clea and John and the kids came over to help with that.  The van was quickly loaded and away we went to Fife, with Karen doing great navigation and reminding me in real-time of the different rules of the road in the UK.  We also lucked out in having good weather, and in about an hour we were parked in front of Karen's parent's house.

We had a pair of one-way tickets to Spain: our goal is to make our next home base there.  For our last week in the UK we stayed up in Robin and Pam's attic, sorting out which belongings we would carry with us on the flight, and which ones we would ship down later once we had an apartment.  There were boxes all over.  We ran out of tape and had to run out for more.  Karen and I needed to work our day jobs online.  Meanwhile, this was the week that the roofers came to bang together scaffolding and tear off the roof to find a leak.  It was a mad week.

The day we arrived in St Andrews was the fifth anniversary of our engagement.  I had brought a special present for Karen from the US: a painting done by fabulous artist (and, incidentally, our wedding officiant) Joanne Shellan.  Karen and her parents were delighted.  The next task would be to find a wall to hang it on in Spain.